What students, parents, and colleagues have to say

“From the first moments of the interview she gave us, I knew we had happened upon a gem. Ann has a passion for music, a nurturing but serious approach to teaching, and a very careful methodology that considers the health of the pianist. Not only did my son’s technique and repertoire grow by leaps and bounds under her careful tutelage, but his appreciation and love of music also increased beyond our expectations.” -- Jennifer H.

“Being a teacher myself, I am most able to comment on Ann’s teaching style. She is excellent, professionally laying out the rules for her studio and abiding by them. She expects students to practice and be serious. In return, Ann gives concentrated attention to each student by being prepared to teach each lesson and selecting appropriate and challenging music. She does not waste students’ time, talent or money. On a personal level, Ann is friendly with and interested in her students. They can confide in her, tell her the truth, and she listens and respects them. She is appreciative of each student’s abilities, style and life.” -- Jane B.

“Ann was much more than a music instructor to me. She was a mentor. She expressed concern for me as a person, not just my playing. Ann taught me how important it is to have a positive outlook. I always left my lesson feeling upbeat because of her cheerfulness.” -- Leah G.

“I have studied with Ann off and on for about five years. I feel that I have become a much more discerning and sensitive pianist as a result of Ann’s teaching. My son studied with Ann through his senior year in high school and made excellent progress. Ann has the qualifications to work with beginning students, as well as those students who plan to pursue music degrees. I trust her teaching, and feel that she has the utmost credibility in both her interpretive and performing skills.” -- Mary S.

“I have seen quite a few of Ann’s piano students. I know that she puts a great deal of thought and effort into being the finest teacher she could be for her students, and this effort shows in the quality of her students’ playing. Even the youngest students are well-trained musicians who understand and appreciate their pieces. She is excellent at choosing good repertoire for each student, and helping them to play it with sensitivity to the stylistic and technical demands of every piece.” -- Dr. Teresa Dybvig