• 30-minute lessons, the monthly cost is $124.
  • 45-minute lessons, the monthly cost is $186.
  • 60-minute lessons, the monthly cost is $248.
  • (30-minute lessons are only available for students age 6 or younger.)
  • (MMTA level 6 and above require an hour lesson.)

Annual tuition includes one year of 38 private lessons and two studio recitals. Tuition is paid all twelve months of the year, regardless of the number of lessons in a given month. Students are required to take 6 lessons during the summer months.

Students and parents sign a year-long contract. A $40 interview is required of all prospective students. Students must have an acoustic piano.


What Does My Tuition Cover?

Benefits your child receives

  • Time spent with student in lessons
  • Time spent in preparation for lessons; including trips to the music store, development of individual curriculum and bookkeeping
  • Maintenance of my 1926 5' 10" Steinway grand piano
  • Recital costs; including programs and facility rental
  • Accompanying students, writing college and scholarship recommendations

Studio expenses that are paid for by your tuition

  • Educational training and experience
  • Memberships in professional organizations, certification
  • Attendance at meetings for local and state music organizations
  • Attendance at State and National Conferences
  • Studio expenses; including music, books, CD's, maintenance of website
  • Continuing education, regular practicing and performing
  • Property taxes, self-employment taxes, insurance and retirement